This is yoga but with a difference.The intention is to take you to a ‘F**k It Space’ –

where you’re in a calmer, more care-free state.

Yogi Meg Jackson and Fk It founder John C. Parkinhave created this yoga with a F**k It twist to take you to this amazing state.

All on The (fabulous) Hill That Breathes (Villa Marsi ) where F**k It all started in 2005.The Background to the Creation of F**k It YogaJohn speaking –

“A while back I developed a problem with my achilles heels (having plodded around in sandals for too long), and this led me into doing regular yoga-like stretching.

And I really rather liked them.

So I added some more yoga (with the help of a great yoga teacher, Meg Jackson) and some Qigong.

And, as well as helping with the heels, I found (to my delight) that this mixture was getting me to a ‘F**k It Space’ in a very effective and powerful way.

And getting into this ‘F**k It Space’ – when we’re really relaxed no matter what is going on, when we’re lighter about life, when we simply feel good and calm – is what really interests me.

So the thought arose…

Why not teach people this special form of yoga, with the aim of taking people to this powerful F**k It State? 

It will contain the beautiful yoga that people are familiar with, but take people to this unfamiliar space.

So I’ve got together with aforementioned yoga teacher – Meg Jackson (founder of ‘Real Life Yoga’ in London). And we’ve put something together that’s both familiar and brand new.

And you’re going to love it.

Welcome to…

Villa Marsi (The Hill That Breathes) is een adembenemende locatie in Le Marche Italie van Christa & Sándor Marsi.